Despite what modern Christian historians would like to be true, the Gospel of Mark was not originally a written document. Like all oral works, it includes tricks—called mnemonics—to memorize the content. Mark’s mnemonics are revealed in this book. 

• VISUALIZE & MEMORIZE the book of Mark

• DISCOVER the importance of miracles big and small

• PRESENT the gospel with greater understanding

• EXPLAIN the real meanings Jesus’ lessons

• UNDERSTAND Mark’s relationship to other gospels

Based on 15 years of research, using the best scholarship on memory, language, and religion, we developed a patent-pending process for backwards-engineering Mark’s mnemonics. This powerful book allows you to quickly learn and deliver the gospel as it was meant to be given.

  • Color-Coded Verses

    with headers and flags, so you know who is speaking and can easily follow the action

  • Mnemonics Outlines

    for each section, plus notes and essays to prompt you to dig deeper

  • Graphs & Analysis

    that help you make sense of the differences between Gospels 

  • Illustrated Verses

    to bring concepts of Jesus’ lessons to life