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April Carter Grant and Paul B. Andreassen

Remembering Mark: The Gospel with Mnemonics Revealed

Remembering Mark: The Gospel with Mnemonics Revealed


Remember, know, and explain the story of Jesus with clarity and confidence. Designed for individual or group study, this book allows you to learn, recall, and understand the gospel of Mark like never before possible.


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Mark’s Mnemonics Revealed

Despite what modern Christian historians would like to be true, the Gospel of Mark was not originally a written document. Like all oral works, it includes tricks—called mnemonics—to memorize the content. Mark’s mnemonics are revealed in this book.

  • Visualize & memorize the book of Mark
  • Discover the importance of miracles big and small
  • Present the gospel with greater understanding
  • Explain the real meanings Jesus’ lessons
  • Understand Mark’s relationship to other gospels

Based on 15 years of research, using the best scholarship on memory, language, and religion, we developed a patent-pending process for backwards-engineering Mark’s mnemonics. This powerful book allows you to quickly learn and deliver the gospel as it was meant to be given.

About the Authors

Paul B. Andreassen, A.B., M.A., M. Phil., Ph.D. has taught at Harvard and has done sabbaticals at MIT and the Levy Economics Institute. He then worked in finance and the travel industry before moving into research on religion.

April Carter Grant, A.A. has worked in creative management in advertising, travel, and consumer goods. She has contributed writing, editing, and design to hundreds of publications.